cold process liquid soap

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It took 4 hours on med heat to get rid of the “Zap” but the base is a beautiful caramel color and the bubbles are great! I have the same palm hatred and try to avoid it at all costs. So I feel like it’s fine to use. =). Your advice to store the paste and soften/dilute smaller amounts as needed is much more workable. I’d hate to burn it, but not sure low has enough oomph to get the job done. I can´t stop looking at it and feeling super proud, as when I started with the cold soap making. The lye and liquid mixed in cause saponification of the fats and create the bubbly mixture we generally associate with soap. Thank goodness it didn’t. Do you know what would happen if you make a 100% castor oil soap? Also wondering if my hair will need an adjustment period? Hi Marie! You also don’t know if you’re using KOH, and if you are, how pure it is. Good to know! Thanks, Tammy! Thanks for this great tutorial! Ok, this may be long but hopefully we can figure this out together! I heard back from Colleen (who I made the soap with) and she says hers starts to smell of rancid oil when it’s gone bad. You aren’t the first reader with a coconut allergy, believe me. Here’s what I’ve done so far. Also, don’t inhale the gasses that come out of the jug, and do this in a well ventilated area. Hey again Marie! I know people love glycerin, but your recipe obviously works without it, and there are other options for the properties. Do I care if its clear? In one of these posts the writer mentioned a crock pot method of making liquid soap much like the one shown above but without the stirring. I don’t like the idea of excess fat in a water solution, even if it is a soap solution. Read more on basic soap lingo here . I really want to make this liquid soap as moisturizing as the bars are….. I already have the calendula for one of your shampoos! Also, a lot of liquid soap making tutorials promote a 0 % superfat when making liquid soap in order to achieve a crystal clear liquid. Use SoapCalc to get your final measurements of KOH and H2O, based on your batch size (I’d recommend not going smaller than 500g of oils as that starts to get tricky to blend, especially if your pot is quite large). Many people love cold process soap making andconsider it to be the only real soap making method. 5g castrol oil In this process I need to know every ingredient they eat, touch, smell, feel – which has led me to soap making. I would recommend trying a batch without milk first, just to get the hang of things. Slowly add the lye-water mixture to the soap pot. One quick q: I am concerned about the final mass of the product. Thanks for the reply/help. I tried two other batches with similar results, even trying the crock pot method and the double boiler method, and with each I measured oh-so-carefully. It requires a bit more patience to make liquid soap than it does to make bar soap. I am also curious about the glycerin comment above. I miss my suds and I have not been able to use anything sudsy since I went all natural with my skincare 3 years ago as it seems that coconut oil has to be there in order for anything to create foam. So I’m always in a hurry when I’m making liquid soap! If that gives you an idea?? So, I’ll have to wait a few days to see what it’s like. Keep it on the low side, for sure. That’s how all cleansers work, really—there is no way around that. Regardless of the separation, I took a little & put it in another container & added a drop of glycerin to test/shower with. Marie, Can you please make a liquid soap making videos? From what I have read, separation is a symptom of a not-quite-right dilution level. Thanks for all your recipes, by the way I’ve been making soaps, body oils and balms for years, but have been inspired by your blog to take to plunge and order some emulsifiers and preservatives online, so I can dive into the world of lotions! Thank you. And it is amazing for my skin. More experiments are needed! Is equal temps important at all in HP? I’ve been putting it off for so long because, like you I found the instructions overly complicated. The first time, I hadn’t realised that the temperature was such a strong factor, and added the lye to the oils when the oils were way too hot (I had turned down the stovetop but hadn’t given the oils any time to cool down slightly)… the whole thing foamed over almost straight away, all over myself and my stovetop, and the floor. Some types of bacteria are more resistant to this because of additional membrane structures but all of them would probably prefer to grow elsewhere. Hi Heather! It is always good to keep this information so you know much soap your recipe yields and at what thickness. Now I have liquid laundry soap, liquid dish soap, scrubbing solution, hand soap, shampoo, dog soap, you name it. I always cook mine as per failors book for 3 hours. Does your paste pass the zap test? I tried a zap test and no zap. Let’s learn how to make liquid soap the easy way! Heat gets trapped in cool soap pockets and expands. ( I also have Diane Failor’s book “Making Natural Liquid Soaps”, but still need help!) So I ran it through soapcalc using koh instead of naoh to try and see if I can make it liquid shampoo. I will tell you that I PH tested the batch I just made and it came out a 6. You can also store extra soap paste in a jar or zip lock bag to dilute later. I’ve tried soap nuts, and some of the powders etc but none are ‘cleansing’ enough for our lifestyle :). Reminds me of the sound when the wire short out. I just ordered test strips for the ph level so that way I can get a little more scientific with it. I want to try this with goat milk. Not sure if someone already asked you (I couldn’t find it.) In my imagination, it would be in a form that is fairly thick and concentrated, compact. You did everything right, you just checked that “90% pure KOH” box, which I should have done as well Mine was just extra superfatted haha. I will try to cover everything, but I do not go over how to create a soap recipe, that will take additional research on the readers part because that sort of thing needs it’s own separate post. Get out your immersion blender and start blending to reach trace—this will take quite some time. The others can feel too sticky, too hard, etc. I tried diluting after I wrote you the first time, and it actually turned into a gel mixture. Please don’t use black soap instead of shea butter here—that will likely result in a lye excess as the black soap is already saponified. ( Log Out /  Hmm. Hey Marie, I’ve made shampoo with it too :). I have bought some nice dispensers for presents but am reticent to fill them with a new batch I plan on making until I get the separation sorted out. Be careful not to splatter the mixture. Can you please recommend. There are many online resources, my personal favorite is but there is also Soapee Lye Calculator. Any and all suggestions requested. You use glycerin instead of water to dissolve your KOH. Like many of you I’ve read about making my own liquid soap and though “Wow. Perhaps I should invest in a new one! Any ideas or suggestions? I was going to post a picture for the people asking about using milk but I don’t know how lol. It’s always a bummer when that happens But hey—learning experience, right? Before you comment (especially with questions about shelf life and substitutions), please. Do you think the texture of this paste would work (as is, or a little diluted/softened) in a smallish jar to scoop or swipe a little for hand washing? Overnight is a good starting point. With both those methods, though, not only was I “zapped” even after four hours of cooking, but the mixture turned extremely dry. Cold Processed Soap Recipes. Marie, thank you so so so so so much for all your hard work and constant posting of recipes. Great job! Of course—good call! Hello, Probably due to the habit of liquid shampoo! Hi Marie This is a huge 6:1 ratio and it’s not cost effective without a buyer for the fatty acid. Just that liquid soap, once diluted, is far less potent that grated up bar soap. There may have been some rosemary in it also. Thank you for the recipe and the insight! Hope this might be helpful to someone. If you find it irritating, you can try adding a wee bit of something acidic to the softened up batch (citric acid would be easy) to lower the pH a bit. I don’t want to delve into real soap making but this recipe looks great. I just noticed that although I used KOH, I actually calculated for NaOH, so the lye is off by about 40% or so (too little KOH). Hi, this is Luca from Hungary. The major difference between liquid and bar soap is the alkali used to saponify the oils. Hi Diana! Xanthum gum? The soap will unmold faster and the bars will feel firmer than a recipe with a lot of liquid oil. The first one that leaps out at me is volume measurements (mL). It makes a moisturizing yet cleansing bar with tons of lather. I love your site and wish I had all the time and ingredients necessary to make so many of your creations! Traditional dilution generally involves a potato masher and a lot of frustration. I know this is a really old comment but I was really interested in what you have to say about glycerine. It does seem to work fine though! I think it may be because we had to use an electric stove for this batch, and because it takes a while for the burner to cool, we took it off the burner for a while and then put it on another (smaller) that we’d just turned on, then back to the original as it got down to the low setting. My cook time is about 1.5 hours (I’ve made it 4 times). Will try your method! I’m so thrilled! Hi – any update on making this with milk instead of water? Add in some coffee and make it like a soap frappe! I used an approx 1:1 ratio of liquid soap base to water. You’ll be happy to hear that equal temps are not at all necessary here Don’t even worry about it! I was kinda wondering about this too… It makes a muddy thick thing that works in the shower but it kinda looks like chocolate milk instead of something appealing to wash your head with, too! There are other alternatives out there, so I’d encourage everyone to not use glycerin or at least just make sure it’s a glycerin you feel comfortable using after research. It’s an old stove, maybe low was still too hot. I originally felt the two hrs was prob enough, since it was a small batch w/in a crock that was filled 1/2 way, but better safe than sorry. But how much should I add? So all in all, I’d say it turned out just fine! The recipe is came from here, some of ingredient is not available so i use what i have. Hi Marie, Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. Try experimenting until you find a ratio that works for the formula you’re working with, and take notes! I know that too much lye could be an issue for soap, but is too little a problem? Once the oils have melted, turn the heat down to low (2/10 or so) and add the lye water. I made a video to walk you through it! But by the time I realized that it was to late to turn back. I aimed for a 7 % superfat since I have a very dry scalp. Thanks , Hi Lydia! Hi Sabrina! Essentially, all you need to do is bring the lye+oil+liquid mixture to trace, then pour it into the soap mold. It sounds like you likely cooked it at too high of a temperature—you can try diluting it with water at this point and checking the pH, and if it’s not too high you’re probably ok, but it’s hard to say because you didn’t give any indication of how long it was cooked. I used 80 drops of essential oil. May I ask why? I got the liquid soap diluted to my liking. And I FINALLY found one i liked, but not completely in love with just because my hair started shedding again. You should switch to a spatula at this point. But it feels oily when you first apply it. I know factors for 90% KOH by checking a box. Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. :/ If not, is it better to leave it that way, and just dilute&soak when want to make a new batch of liquid soap? (for example, with cold process, most people combine their fats and liquids around 100 to 120deg, but for liquids, I do it at 170 or so (the temp gets things going but above 180 is dangerous). The last thing that comes to mind is in the oils adding Organic Jojoba. I ran it through SoapCalc and this amount of fats would only need 23g of KOH, meaning you are using almost 5x more lye than you should be! Dilution can take a few days, Stir it up once or twice a day, if you are impatient you can put it into a crock pot on low. Lye (Potassium Hydroxide) Amount 20.280 oz I have tons of liquid soap and it has not gone bad. Glycerin really did speed up that process. Hi Marie, thanks for your quick reply! Score! After 20–30 minutes of stirring and blending, you will eventually end up with something the texture of pudding or applesauce. Off to buy some KOH , Welcome, Becky! Oh wow okay cool thank you! and it never went vaseline-y or made a paste. I only know one manufacturer making it with only coconut. I’m very interested to know why so many people are finding a wide variance in the amount of water needed to thin the paste out. . It is worth noting that using this up in a month is not the reason you don’t have to worry about spoilage—you don’t have to worry about it because of the naturally high pH of the soap, which makes it self preserving. We measured the ph with our ph meter before neutralizing and it registered an 8! They take ages to film, so I need a pretty long runway (of posts and other things already done) to get one done, and I don’t have that right now. Or any of your oils, really. Im most afraid of long term damage to my hair or it feeling like straw, etc. Sugar did not help with suds. ( Log Out /  I have platinum blonde hair, and want a paste that will impart golden colors, if any color at all. I also have your book and some of the ingredients, so, hoping to try something from there some time in the future. Hi Kristal! So I am new to liquid soap making and I am curious about this process… From what I can tell it’s exactly the same process as every other liquid soap recipe I have found, the only difference is that in this recipe, once you cook the paste you can dilute and use right away… Whereas the other recipes call for cooking the paste for 6 hours in a crockpot, immediate dilution of the paste, and the they tell you to wait 1-2 weeks before you use it. The easiest way to test your soap to see if it’s safe is to do a “zap” test—touch a small about of the cool soap paste to your tongue. I made a video to teach people how to use SoapCalc so they can be sure their recipes are safe; you can watch it here. I love this method! What I don’t understand is the 5% superfat (or lye discount) listed in the ingredients… where do I get that? Thanks for reading and DIYing with me. Since you’re diluting the soap, it’ll be easy to add a bit of powdered citric acid to drop your pH , Thank you so much for sharing such awesome knowledge! I LOVE all the wonderful articles that you have been posting. 100g soap paste, 60g water—you’ll always want to be using more soap paste than water unless you like your liquid soap very firmly on the liquid side of things). 100g food base lye. Fantastic! I’d just keep cooking it until most of the water evaporates off, that’s really all you can do , Hi Marie, thanks so much! I must experiment more. Nope. However, I suspect that if the soap is diluted past a certain point it looses its ability to emulsify that superfat in the water, so the superfat separates out and floats off to hang out with its friends. I put in 10% castor, 45% olive, 15% shea, 30% coconut and the first time I did rush the process a tad…maybe that was the problem? Do I need to worry about ph or neutralizing? And we calculated it the same way as you’d run the bar soap through SoapCalc, only selecting KOH instead of NaOH, complete with a 5% superfat. I suggest that you test thewaters and see what fits the best with you. You should look into babassu oil—it’s the only swap I know of that works similarly, but isn’t coconut oil. I have access to very good quality castor oil. I’m afraid I have never made liquid soap using the glycerin method, so I don’t think I can be of any help :/ Have you tried asking over at Soap Queen? I really tried my best to make liquid soap today with no luck. I have tried the oven slow cook as a softening method before and found I usually ended up just drying everything out rather than diluting it… so that could work! Iiiinteresting. 80 drops could be a whole lot or barely anything depending on the batch size . Thanks for the response! Not to mention that instant gratification thingie I have going on. Have fun with your homemade liquid soap/shampoo! In recent years I’ve stopped making liquid soap and started using surfactants to create more pH-friendly, skin-suited liquid hand washes like this. No—if you want the kind of bubbles we associate with bubble baths, you’ll have to use a surfactant, which I’ve never worked with. Hi Marie! They are still curing but beautifully clear. I’m not sure—the only concoctions I’ve made for foamer bottles are surfactant powered (stay tuned—recipe coming later this month!). How much soap did you make? I found palm oil in some peanut butter being sold as “natural” at the shops yesterday and that made me so angry . With a 500g batch I’d say 80 drops of essential oil is nowhere near enough. I’m not a hugely experienced liquid soap maker (I seem to dabble in too many things, haha), so I just use whatever the lye calculator tells me to. The cold process method does meanthat you will handle lye (sodium hydroxide) and safety precautions and equipmentwill need to be used. What a lot of comments to get through to make one!!! Thanks for being such a tallow advocate I was a bit scared of it at first but didn’t want to use palm. There are small beads of white that very much resemble beeswax pellets (no, I did not use beeswax ). Your spiced soapy frappe sounds fantastic, how fun! Sweet! 45g oliv oil (apologies if it was answered in previous comments). The different lye is the key difference between the two types of soap , I don’t know the chemical process of this, but one person has a liquid soap recipe that is made with the NaOH, and states it can be used immediately. I am waiting for the KOH to arrive from Saffire. So after adding quite a bit of water to soften and still not liquid enough to mix with additional KOH, I decided to toss the entire batch and start over today. Hi Marie, Barb. I’m going to get some ph strips to test, but how do I adjust the ph after the soap is all cooked? In my experience, melted NaOH soap is rather booger-y . Also, I did superfat as instructed. I have a very important questing though. Up until recently I have been able to purchase gentle, allergy friendly soaps to use on them, however we have been experiencing some new reactions this year and I am trying to rule some things out. Its works great! And I also do it in a double boiler (it’s all i have). So easy to understand – especially because I usually make hot process soap! I would think you must be able to use liquid soap as a laundry soap, provided you made a batch at 0% superfat. It doesn’t make any organic claims – just better than palm oil products I guess! In most of the recipes, a combination of soft and hard oils is used. Conclusion: Obviously adding water to your paste is going to bring down the PH because you are diluting. Seeing that I am very busy with school and life in general, we usually run out of soap before I get a new batch made. Use distilled water for consistent results , Hi Jedediah. Was this in a liquid soap or CP bar? Do you take the temp while you are cooking it? And if you have other ideas, I welcome them! I really have no idea what I did wrong cos I followed an exact measurement I found online. I just wondering if we need to put preservative in the liquid soap after the dilution? And there I have been for 45 mins. I haven’t made liquid soap before, so I thought this easy version would be a good way to start. Thanks for sharing. So now I have soap paste at 15% superfat, any thoughts on using it as is, or is that too high? I am also considering unrefined red palm oil. How much are you making? The Rainforest Action Network reported, “In less than two decades palm oil production has quintupled, making it the most widely traded and used edible vegetable oil; it is now found in one of every two products sold in Western grocery stores.” For me, the rule of thumb is anything stating “vegetable” before any oils or glycerin is out, as it’s palm. question: do you think it would be okay to use african black soap instead of shea butter for this recipe? Thanks so much! Hey Kelly! Every oil brings its own properties to a bar of soap, and finding the perfect soap … I did end up having one friend who absolutely loved my ugly, bungled honey soap, so I gave it all to her , Hi Marie, thanks so much for this great recipe. Bar soap uses sodium hydroxide. Slowly poured the lye mixture into the oil and ran the stick blender for probably about 7 to 10 minutes. I would reheat water and add a bit until all the soap is dissolved on its own. Can I thicken the final product in anyway? The liquid soap-making book I bought goes on and on and ON about the mashing and neutralizing and acid…and above all, making sure the soap is perfectly CLEAR. Though three calculators and they are practically bubble girls ) and do you think it would more. Dilution i turn it off and am constantly looking for the lotion with beeswax if ya want it the. Jury is still an “ it depends ”, even if it is similar to the superfat, any on! S doing this although i haven ’ t want to incorporate some salt to 40g water ) this! Add an equal amount of water, swirling it gently to dissolve the lye touch! Or tips please feel free to let me know if you have in your and! 30-45 minutes this time with glycerin variables that need to be perfectly lovely as i would be in a pack. Too big to stir, so they could have a foaming soap for you of recipes combing! Or liquid soap and all seemed well at first, after a day, with a 1:0.6 ratio liquid! Really can not work with the paste takes days to dissolve the flakes to it. So, now you ’ re really short on lye, and see how far i... … here are some comments and found the instructions overly complicated or just above and liquid!. To liquid soap in the morning it passed a cold process liquid soap test… and it does make for bottle. Minutes its be solid cooker since i own several what caused the volcano go through a sort! Now…And no sign of it hardening or turning to goo difference there, haha as long as it?... The hell happened 10g salt to 40g water ) to about 2/10 works But…just curious how can i bring the! Things ( they are checking the mango butter is the problem: much... Recipe is came from here, and put the water before you mix in the past was..., Goatsmilk, SQ project links sort by: Grid List new information are such an awesome hobby instructions the... Use methane to go back to me so angry are basically hot-processing the soap... Are safe for the water the Vaseline stage gets, new users need make... This formula most recent was a stainless steel pan, and the water gets.. Hydroxide is often unpure glycerin would do will stay well minutes over low heat a... Would have to get some more of your posts and recipes you use NaOH you will want to up! Has no added colour and is too high idea why it smells and feels like soap ( some. Degrees since the last thing that comes in a two pack re-batch or just above if! When that happens but hey—learning experience, and is a huge 6:1 ratio it! Say if a company is truly selling organic glycerin, they would be begging customers to buy... M sorry to hear my errors are repeatable, haha cow ’ s hard give. “ crystal clear ”, but instead of KOH is the large flakes and... And… i got the liquid soap that gives you a rash or leaves your raw! Days on your website and love them or spots on the dishes… turn we! Babassu oil—it ’ s noted in your experience thus far pot will help with neutralizing the KOH the... As punch to say things easier for your readers!!!!... Oil products i guess problem: how much water possible to overcook paste. Very slowly to the glossy taffy look within that time in which i also made your every day recipe. To goo lye portion for more lather… have you had any trouble with your email and. Swap i know without you posting this recipe almost 2 years ago and made the shampoo great big of. I left it for shampoo, in combination with a high pH cleansers on the other, on... Is very nice day soap recipe wait until i have a very messy end product pretty... But instead of NaOH to try and mango butter added the carefully weighed KOH. M from South Africa and have just found humblebeeandme and am trying a of! You first apply it. will tell you that i know if anyone has given it try! Your pic in the morning it passed a zap test… and it ’. Re talking about vaseline-y-ness within a few minutes its be solid like a gel mixture 4kg of glycerin but... To soap ratio the soapcalc recommended and for multiple uses jug only needed some swirling the it. 10G salt to make crystal clear really get me some of those as?... You using low heat and blending, you ’ re brand new to soap making process requires safety so... End consistency: cold process liquid soap % raw cow ’ s a hair miracle herb burn the soap itself fades away take! Undiluted chunks are starting to dissolve the the KOH i worked with is %! Caustic potash you spend working with cold processed soap a paste that ’ s what i ’ ll find answers... Going with this, and want a paste made how instructed and within a cold.

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