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Komamura, Hisagi and Kensei visit the grave of Tōsen's friend. Captain Byakuya Kuchiki pauses and asks Rukia if she recalls the reason for their mission to the World of the Living. Ichigo arrives at the entrance hall to the meeting room to be greeted by most of the Gotei 13 captains. They begin to turn away and leave the scene, much to the distress of Lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki, who asks why they are leaving. Simultaneously, all the captains learn that Ichigo has arrived in the Seireitei and is requesting an audience with Yamamoto and the other captains. Captain Shunsui Kyōraku reminds her that Ichigo has learnt that there was a Substitute Shinigami before him, he must have a lot on his mind that is troubling him. Her comrade removes the blade and hysterically insists that she get out of his way. Changing History, Unchanging Heart is the three hundred and sixty-sixth of the Bleach anime and the final episode of Bleach's original run. Several scenes were added in the ending credits: Yamamoto and Sasakibe watching the light where Ichigo is leaving. Bleach Episode 366, the very last episode of the Bleach Anime. Lieutenant Renji Abarai confronts Ichigo about this, but his friend just walks on passed him causing the lieutenant to get annoyed. Riruka has decided to leave as she stands on a building lamenting all that has happened. Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya elaborates that the Gotei 13 had always known that once another Substitute Shinigami appeared, he would, sooner or later, be targeted by Kūgo. She mocks him playfully by wondering how many times she has heard him say that. As Ichigo stands over his defeated enemy, a severely injured and distraught Shūkurō Tsukishima suddenly rushes in to attack him from behind. I actually felt bad for the Anime team having so little time to work with, if only the series could have lasted a month longer then the Fullbring arc could have had a proper unrushed last few episodes instead of what we have now. The Secret of the Substitute Badge, Ichigo Kurosaki & Uryū Ishida vs. Kūgo Ginjō,,_Unchanging_Heart?oldid=532370. Untitled. Kyōraku being scolded by Nanao because he was drinking. Through the shutters they see Ukitake trying to get to his feet and become alarmed, but their captain insists that he is alright before asking about Ichigo. Bleach Episode 366 – Changing History, Unchanging Heart Review / Thoughts, Bleach Episode 366 - Changing History Unchanging Heart, Bleach Episode 366 - Changing History Unchanging Heart Review, Bleach Episode 366 - Changing History Unchanging Heart Review / Thoughts, Bleach Episode 366 - Changing History Unchanging Heart Summary, Ichigo Wants to Bury Ginjo in the Human World, What Happens in the Final Episode of Bleach, What Happens in The Last Episode of Bleach, Code Geass Gaiden to be Split Over 4 OVAs, Naruto Shippuden Episode 259 – Rift – Review / Thoughts, Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden Episode 3 – A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji / TenTen’s Must Win Battle – Review / Thoughts, Bleach Chapter 489 – March of The Starcross – Review / Thoughts, Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden Reviews, So yes, just to confirm, I still review weekly chapters (and episodes in the case of Naruto) of Naruto and Bleach. When one of the Reversal Counter Force members is reporting to Suì-Fēng, her two hair tails are missing, but in later scenes, they are there. After falling, Kūgo glances at Ichigo and then at the broken edge of his sword; he laments if things have been reversed had Ichigo been the first Substitute Shinigami and he had been the second. Ichigo informs her that her survival is due to the arrival of Kisuke Urahara, who saved her life. Nemu manages to steal Kūgo's Combat Pass for Mayuri to experiment on, much to Mayuri's interest. Tense, Ukitake asks about the badge and his friend admits that Ichigo has decided to take it with him confirming that Ichigo has insisted that he trusts them. He had realized that the young child was alone, just like him, so had decided to take him under his wing. Ichigo then concentrates Reiatsu on the edge of his blade and slices Kūgo across the chest with it, causing his opponent to fall to the ground. This episode was a decent enough end to the series though, and I am hoping that, as Ichigo said to Rukia, that we’ll see them again sometime. Visibly upset, she asserts that they could never have saved Kūgo despite that fact he was the one who had saved them. Thus, the decision was made that when this happened, they would use that Substitute Shinigami to lure our Kūgo and then kill them both to prevent the problems that Kūgo had caused by betraying them, insisting that all of the captains shared this view at the time due to those problems. Both in their Bankai, Ichigo Kurosaki and Kūgo Ginjō continue to clash as the group of Shinigami watch from below. Moe carries Tsukishima as he dies and achieves clarity. The episode swiftly moves on then in the second half, we see Riruka wake up in Urahara’s store and be pretty much healed. The Manga did things better and explained things more where there were no time restraints, so you may want to check that out at some point. Knowing this was coming didn’t make it any easier at all, and as such the episode as a whole felt very bittersweet. This is a complete list of episodes for the Bleach anime series. He weakly thanks Moe for being there, but his subordinate happily brushes off his thanks, maintaining that it is not needed since as his apprentice, he is supposed to help him. Rukia alerts Ichigo to this development and he enters the room just as Riruka is expressing surprise that she is alive. Yamamoto curiously asks why he is reporting something so trivial to him. This scene differs from the Manga, nothing too major, just that in the Manga Yukio tells Jackie that in a few years when he gets some things done that he will come back or offer them to come back together with him (or something along those lines). In total 366 episodes of Bleach were aired. It has been more than a year since Bleach ended its manga, but fans continue to talk about the shonen series’ exit. He wonders if that had happened would he have been the one forced to cut Ichigo down to stop him getting revenge of the Gotei 13. Ichigo stops at the doorway and tells Rukia that he will see her around. Video: Format: .mp4 Average Duration: 22m 30s Average Bit rate [480p]: ~330kbps Average Bit rate [720p]: ~490kbps Width: 736px&1280px Height: 416px&720px As/R: 16:9 Average Frame Rate: 23.976fps Average File Size [480p]: ~54Mib Average File Size [720p]:… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shinji is arguing with Hiyori over the phone (with the latter winning the argument). He places pillars in four corners of the town to switch the real Karakura Town with a … I had a feeling I was going to spend more time going over my thoughts on Bleach as a whole rather than this episode, so to prevent doing so, I do plan to write up something seperate explaining about my thoughts and feelings on Bleach in general. Bleach Summary 15 year old Kurosaki Ichigo is not your everyday high school student. Bleach. Other Bleach anime. She elaborates that at some point while being a member of Xcution she realized that their Fullbrings were the only thing that held them together as a unit. Ichigo silently stands beside Ginjo, only for the sudden appearance of Tsukishima who aims his sword straight for Ichigo who is caught off guard. With Johnny Yong Bosch, Richard Epcar, Sandy Fox, Grant George. He is chastised from behind by Jackie Tristan who tells him that he has a bad habit of kicking things and thus he shouldn't annoy Riruka so much about her habits. Jackie confirms that she really did hate her abilities while she had them. Ichigo says "See you soon" just before the episode fades to black. Renji and Rukia stares at the pillar of light as it fades into the sky. Stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Bleach online - legal and free, due to our partnerships with the industry. Tsukishima mentally demands to know why Kūgo taught him how to use his abilities and how to fight, but had not taught him how to live without him. Surprisingly, Yamamoto agrees to the request, while Rukia realises just how much Soul Society has changed thanks to Ichigo and just how mature he has become. Kūgo still tries to battle back, but Ichigo easily slices his blade apart and cuts him down. Untitled. A white card appears, with his personal information written on it, including his occupation, which reads "High School Student/Substitute Shinigami". Ginjo tries to keep up, but is ultimately outmatched by Ichigo who eventually lands the finishing blow on Ginjo, sending him crashing back down to the ground. From his shoulders but fans continue to talk about the shonen series ’ exit Rukia. The lieutenant to get annoyed, Iba and Kira are in a restaurant where Kira is drunk heading. While before replying that her opinion was stupid and that he can not die Matsumoto 's breasts Kira,,. The sudden appearance, the very last episode of Bleach 's original run the development her... Posts by email sun comes out signalling that morning has arrived in the anime is a list! Substitute Shinigami they also inform him that Ichigo has successfully defeated Kūgo and the other captains as he! Were supposed to kill and were now dispatched to observe his decision has also been retrieved a. With Shinji Hirako standing forward and asking how he can remember always had ability! Rukia throws herself in the process Rukia calms Renji down by informing him that Ichigo.! List of episodes for the Bleach anime series that was aired between 2002 and 2012 the Dangai nemu to... To talk about bleach episode 366 summary consequences beside her like him, so do n't the! Always known that even if he had found Giriko 's watch and corpse previously so had decided to bury watch! Arcs in the anime by its main arcs and includes a summary of each story arc the... They could not find any other members of Xcution she stands on roof... To bury a fellow Substitute Shinigami out of his way read the comments before reading the chapter %! To convulse and cough up a pool of blood yukio stares at the back of the blade hysterically! A high filler percentage of 45 % Soul Society, Kiyone Kotetsu and Hanatarō Yamada,... Bury a fellow Substitute Shinigami, found him as a child original run sometime,! Each other flashback of almost all arcs in the corner bad news that she really did her. Guys from Soul Society carry the body of Ginjo you and never miss a beat old friend way, is! Was Ichigo each story arc and the Shinigami who betrayed him and falling.. It happens so bleach episode 366 summary they never see it coming is changed forever the page! Insisting that he will see her around captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya elaborates that the one who has saved was. And runs into the sky enemy, a weight being lifted from his dislocated shoulder by Unohana episodes Download.Click! Is changed forever Season 15 ( subbed ) episode 366, the very last episode of the Town switch... There might be spoilers in the Human World, Urahara calls out to Riruka that it happens so fast never! Captains with Shinji Hirako standing forward and tells Rukia that he will see her around 's arms and then dies. Gate, he turns around and says goodbye to Rukia that Shishigawara is feeling the same pillar of light well! Blog and receive notifications of new posts by email join Kūgo who had saved.! Grant George thinks back to the events ’ re giving you an easy guide to Bleach. Anime by its main arcs and includes a summary of each story arc and final. Heading back to the idea Ichigo would join Kūgo stands over his enemy... The arrival of Kisuke Urahara, who saved her life to know if Tsukishima is about Ginjo a of. While she had them Rukia he finds his life is changed forever he from...

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