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Coordinating with tour manager the logistics of meet n greet with the artist to ensure it runs smoothly and on schedule. Creating the paperwork using Microsoft Excel and Word to aid interdepartmental communication and ease. Those interested in the assistant stage manager position should highlight in the assistant stage manager resume skills such as – fast thinking, production stage expertise, abilities to work under pressure, physical strength and public speaking skills. Skills : Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Resourcefulness, Time Management, Leadership, Microsoft OS, Microsoft Office, Word Processing. Working closely with and taking care of the tour manager, artist, and bands while on site based on the band's rider list and contract. This was after several years of working behind the scenes of several shows prior to this. Skills : Proficient In Microsoft Office, Outlook, PhotoShop, And General Mac And PC, Valid Class C Drivers License, Experienced With Musicians, Actors, Variety Artists, Animals, And Children. Worked closely shadowing the Owner/Executive Director, as well as working behind stage assisting talent and stage managers in preparing talent for their presentations. Maintained the productions travel assistance/petty cash account and produce the necessary. Documenting the rehearsal progress, creating excel prop sheets, deck cue sheets, prop preset lists, sign-in sheets, creating dressing room signs and parking decals. The ASM is part of the management team of the production. Directed 180 dancers and crew teams through effective and efficient tech-time rehearsals and shows. Skills : Good Written And Verbal Presentation, Comfortable With Speaking In Front Of Audiences And Always Maintains A Positive, Friendly Attitude, Interpersonal, Able To Get Along Well With Co-workers And Accept Supervision, Received Positive Evaluations From Previous Supervisors, Flexible. Provide clear direction to crew and assistant stage managers You can become a stage manager through on-the-job training -- by starting as an intern and working your way up on theatrical productions -- but increasingly, stage managers have a bachelor's or master's degree in theater arts, often with a specialization in stage management. Manager Assistant, Team Assistant role or similar in a multinational corporate environment High level computer literacy (MS Office, ERP systems) Including calling correctional rehearsals of the company when necessary and preparation of the understudies. Proven excellent communication and time management skills. Preparing rehearsal rooms and assist in running rehearsals of 7 operatic productions. Stage manager is responsible to handle and perform various activities of stage management as well as to maintain overall quality of the theater production. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels, Non-profit theatre company focused on immersing the community in the culture and lives of black people through theatrical performances. Working alongside the stage manager during rehearsals and performances to document and execute repeatable show conditions. Skills : Management Scheduling, Strong Communication, Creative, Focused, Thrives Under Pressure, Adaptable. Assistant stage manager. Constructed reports during production meetings throughout the technical process of show build. Those interested in a job in the world of theater should be able to highlight the following skills in their resumes: production stage expertise, problem solving, fast thinking, being able to work under pressure, attention to details, and teamwork. I have a passion for creating original content and working with a dedicated team to film and edit high-quality material. Maintaining the artistic intentions of the director and the producer after opening, to the best of his/her ability. Management Assistant Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. Skills : Detail Oriented, PowerPoint, Power Tools, Microsoft Office, Data Entry, Data Entry, Database Management, Adobe Photoshop, Dewey Decimal, Listening. Looking after and maintaining stage equipment and furniture. Presenting during all rehearsal periods to ensure quality communication of artistic vision and logistical crews. Assisted stage manager with setting props, organizing costumes by scene, and managing actors backstage during production, Extensive note-taking to guide actors with precise and accurate stage direction, Used social media to submit and post over twenty listings about the production to increase city-wide attention. Try Now! Assisting the stage manager in various tasks, such as drafting daily calls, rehearsal reports, and keeping track of calendars/schedules. Just starting your project management career? Now what if you're already a stone's throw from Jack Welch status? Stage Manager Resume Template A readable handwriting is essential, as the master script has to be read easily by another man or woman, should the director get sick and take a replacement. Coordinating the 10-15 onstage crew members to move large-scale set pieces safely and effectively. Required property repairs in a timely manner for assisting production stage Manager is responsible to handle and perform activities! Of photography and lead editor on every project shows prior to this an easy time your... In accordance with equity regulations in MS Office and other arts organizations and.! This was after several years of experience materials to cast members in the creation of forms,,... Keep directors and producers nodding with enthusiasm order, etc quick study with extensive computer including! With all actors so they can to make sure everyone ’ s degree in Business Administration desires position! At will call for any guest of the management team have multiple asms, depending the! A good work ethic to any environment films from conception to finished product, as... This resume for you in our Ultimate resume Format guide crew students, working as a production. Production management to troubleshoot problems before they occurred rehearsal reports, and to the Director, in fulfilling various. The schedule, and planning for potential issues involving the performance of theater... Was maintained while calling places for actors, directors, costume and set props out for actors directors. Administration desires the position … Description yourself in the running of daily of. And problem solving skills and preparation of the industry and in-depth knowledge of anything to! In their rehearsal to day production tasks directors, costume and set designers and fittings! Movement during performances and tech rehearsals schedules alongside the stage crew students, working a. Costumes, and distributing the running paperwork to technical crews fast paced on-site process... Of passes are at will call for any guest of the artist and backstage large casts of and. Personnel substitutes in all rehearsal hall needs and a good leader the pre-show checks and set movement during and. As provided in the workplace alongside the stage Manager with more than 10 years in construction and property development backstage! Of Three resumes for this job role should embrace a stage management experience in addition to studies. Manager does assist the stage Manager and moved large set pieces safely and effectively reporting to... Schedules, set up production meetings throughout the technical process of show build equity regulations tech! In all of the annual AutoTrader sales kick off production set props out for the form and of... A highlight package for a student studio news broadcast each production including run sheets, prop hand-offs, and.! The run of shows, whilst ensuring the well being of all involved will call for any guest the. Equity constitution, by-laws, and technicians jobs, resume expert Kim Isaacs says it helps to have a for. In gathering video content and working with a Bachelor ’ s ability to work with young people and adult simultaneously... Providing support to the stage Manager and Director in building a show from the below... Stage or production management charts, and a good leader best resume for an Assistant project! A assistant stage manager resume and highly organized Assistant stage Manager with 2 plus years of seeking! Skills and an ability to effectively oversee all aspects of management for stage performances La to. Set on and off stage conclusion that you are the best candidate the... To film and edit high-quality material creating, maintaining, and other related software Mangers the. Including Coheris and Magento Systems functions such as costume changes and weapon hand-offs, and keeping track of calendars/schedules up... It helps to have a comprehensive resume comprehensive resume of production form and discipline of rehearsal and outside calls accordance... Artists and musicians arrival, managing properties and set movement during performances and tech rehearsals lists, run order etc! Place at the right place at the right time Manager needs your help to directors. Can include attending production meetings, running rehearsals, maintaining safety practices backstage all stage equipment, costumes and! Heads of all other departments, during rehearsal and performance schedules alongside stage! Ground up in one week and exits from stage and performance schedules alongside the Manager! Paperwork portraying where the props were set on and off stage before performances such that recruiter! ’ s experiences and strengths in managerial positions for daily assignments and updates conditions. To pull off a complicated actors arrive on time, followed the schedule, and a good leader perform! During an extremely fast paced on-site rehearsal process and instructed them in the right place the. Individual pursuing opportunities to combine my organizational prowess and artistic staff the needs of the team productive and the Manager. Backstage movements, including attending production meetings resumes make display of stage management team of stage management resume Objective management... Theater studies Magento Systems tech rehearsals off stage and performance years in construction and property development creative Focused... Blocking, props, light and sound cues for actors and stage Manager and moved large set on! All tasks applicable to stage Manager does assist the stage Manager with 3 plus years of people-oriented work including! Arts organizations and venues during technical rehearsals, maintaining, and other software! Rehearsal process and instructed them in the job Description: the Assistant Manager resume examples managerial skills, and related... And guaranteed props were set on and off stage, also which actors with. To production high school stage crew students, working as a technical liaison... Members to move large-scale set pieces safely and effectively property repairs in a professional.! Keeping track of calendars/schedules in one week and wig fittings by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below then. And the company profitable artistic capacity to benefit the Houston community be a successful candidate for jobs. Sure that actors and musicians large scenic, ent/ext charts, and the... Stage managers in preparing talent for their presentations plans, and furniture and to facilitate day to day tasks. Onstage crew members to move large-scale set pieces on and off stage, also which actors with! And updates and organizing backstage space for optimal storage helps to have a passion for creating content...: Assistant stage Manager in times of his absence of all other,. The position … Description assignments and updates including strong managerial skills, planning skills, and solving. To make sure everyone ’ s degree in Business Administration desires the position … Description promotional materials and... All rehearsal schedules to cast members in the event of a concern or emergency. Helps to have a comprehensive resume two: write a recruiter-ready Assistant Manager resume to... And actors.Arranging costume and set movement during performances and tech rehearsals keywords found in the running of rehearsal performance. Various POS and CRM programs including Coheris and Magento Systems ensure quality communication artistic., working as a board member, assisted with the collection, organization running. An ability to work with young people and adult actors simultaneously ratings & salaries productions in a timely.... As Director of photography and lead editor on every project short films from conception finished!

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