ask you for a favor to

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Copy URL Similar questions. Favor-asking creates a dilemma of trust. What is the difference between do me a favor and help me out and give me a hand ? Asking for a favor also gives someone a chance to help you, and that makes people feel good about themselves and about you. You might need to write a different request letter to ask someone who you should write to. This advice is admittedly tricky to follow if, say, you’re a new grad and you’re emailing a vice president at a big company. The phrase “I have a favor to ask you” is a small but powerful thing; it suggests an informal contract of sorts — if you help me now, I’ll get you back you later. Jul 26 2007 20:58:13. They're all acceptable, Momo, but as you can see, using of is much more common than using from. One option that hasn't been covered is ask somebody for a favor.I got over 41,000 hits on with that one! Get this person's full name, address, phone number and title. I don't use that third one at all. BarbaraPA + 0. See a translation 0 likes 0 disagrees Share this question. Translate I want to ask you for a favor. Asking for a favor is a sign of intimacy and trust. Jim, could I ask you for a favor? It shows that you feel comfortable being indebted to someone. I don't see any difference in connotation, but "ask a favor of" and "ask for a favor from" is how I use them. By the way, the asterisk after the verb ask in the next-to-the-last line represents where you would place an indirect object, e.g., ask someone a favour. By not asking, the trustor can preserve an unpleasant status quo.If she does ask, she shows trust, and now it … Synonyms (Other Words) for Ask a favor & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for Ask a favor. If you want to use one of these phrases in a formal setting, such as in a paper or a respectful email, "I would like to ask you for a favor" is the better choice. GG, Interesting. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. Sure, you’re the one asking for a favor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be additive to the person you’re reaching out to. If you are writing to ask a favor of a company, then you might need to call the company secretary to identify the appropriate person. @gogglenglish all are technically acceptable, but can I ask you for a favor and can I ask you for a favor are the most natural. You can do this. Upvote • 0 Downvote Add comment Asking for a favor isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding. I thought we asked someone to do the favor for us, not asked someone for the favor.

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